Wisdom Teeth Removal

Be proactive! Get your wisdom teeth removed.

It is a common occurrence for impacted or erupted wisdom teeth to cause a large amount of damage in one’s mouth before the individual experiences any pain or even knows that a problem exists. This can have a dramatic impact on the treatment options available, time it takes to correct the problem, and the length and ease of the recovery. It is important to be proactive while wisdom teeth are developing in order to prevent any problems before they arise and to maintain dental and overall health.

In order to find out whether a wisdom tooth is impacted and trace the potential path of eruption, oral and maxillofacial surgeons will use a three-dimensional scanner to determine the exact location and placement of a patient’s wisdom teeth. A board certified oral surgeon will provide patients with the best options for wisdom tooth removal, taking into consideration the significant amount of wisdom tooth extraction experience gained by oral surgeons during their extensive hospital-based surgical training, experience operating within the oral cavity, and the long-term health and outcome for the patient’s mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction under Sedation

If an oral surgeon determines that wisdom teeth removal is the best method for maintaining oral health, the surgical staff will prepare all patients for their upcoming procedure by providing all of the details of the treatment, answering questions and preparing every individual to enter the operating room with ease. Sometimes this involves the use of sedative medications to prevent anxiety and discomfort during the procedure. All oral surgeons have extensive experience working with many forms of anesthesia and will provide individuals with a thorough overview of their options prior to their procedure if wisdom teeth removal is recommended.

In addition, the surgical staff will give a detailed explanation of the patient’s treatment options, answer any questions that they may have prior to the procedure, provide detailed instructions for care once the procedure is complete and ensure that all patients feel confident going into their appointment. It is normal for patients to feel anxiety prior to their procedure, and sedation dentistry provides oral surgeons with a proven effective method to eliminate that anxiety as well as any discomfort during the procedure and provide a safe and relaxing surgical experience. These doctors utilize proven techniques within a state-of-the-art surgical center to ensure high-quality performance and successful outcomes.

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