Dr. Robert Bryan

Dr. Robert Bryan grew up in Southern Ohio, appreciating the friendly people and surrounding community. He was originally inspired to follow a career path in the field of dentistry after giving a speech in high school. Dr. Bryan enjoys the concept of working for yourself and the utilization of tools within medicine. The concept of working in science with the use of medicine is intriguing as he can perform both through oral surgery.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree at Ohio University, he earned a dental degree, scholarship award, and went on to attend his surgical residency to become an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Dr. Bryan went straight into the private practice environment at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma in 2006.

Dr. Jeremy Goodson

Dr. Jeremy Goodson grew up with a passion for playing the trumpet. He aspired to play in a symphony with his passion for music. He fractured his teeth as a kid, and when the local dentists and oral surgeons fixed his condition, Dr. Goodson was concerned that his oral surgery would affect his ability to play an instrument. He realized that his treatment to restore his smile allowed him and many others to play successfully for years to come. Dr. Goodson has always enjoyed doing small things with his hands and reconsidered his direction of studies to medicine during his college years.

Dr. Goodson and his wife moved to Oklahoma during his surgical residency to pursue a new opportunity. He decided to join a private practice environment to work one on one with patients to provide the very best care and get to know people as if they are family. He began working at Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma and loves to help our patients regain their oral health, function, and smile.

At Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma, we care for our patients by providing the best patient care through detailed consultations, the use of advanced surgical equipment, and a staff that makes every patient appointment a welcoming and friendly visit. Drs. Bryan and Goodson are more than happy to meet with you and diagnose any oral condition to restore your smile through the variety of oral procedures we offer.

Our practice takes pride in serving the local community and surrounding region of Oklahoma City, OK. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons conduct the insertion of dental implants in Oklahoma City OK, and the extraction of wisdom teeth daily while using the iCat 3D imaging technology in a consultation to provide you and your family members with as many details as possible for your treatment plan.